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Dr Christo Frick combines the art of dentistry with the scientific evidence-base provide you with
an advanced approach to dentistry that is individually tailored to your needs. We aim to help you
maintain or improve your oral health. When we look after our patients, we look at the whole
person, not just an individual tooth. We aim to inform our patients, fully educate them about
dentistry and how best to care for their complete oral health. This allows patients to
understand their own requirements and decide on how they want to address them.

A Bespoke Approach

Our approach is extremely thorough as outlined in the Initial Consultation.
We gather all the relevant information, consider the data, diagnose the issues
and create a bespoke plan to meet your long-term individual needs.

Photo of dental care posters
A wide angle photo of the surgery room, dentist chair
X-ray technology for dental care

Dental Treatments

- Routine Dental Examinations
- Fillings
- Jaw joint problems
- Crowns and Bridges
- Dental Implants
- Dentures
- Zoom Teeth Whitening